The Cannabis Report Pilot: LIFTED ft. Eugene Monroe

LIFTED: Why Drug Addiction & Brain Injury Warrant Lifting the League’s Cannabis Ban

featuring: Eugene Monroe 
former left-tackle Baltimore Ravens

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From the folks at Biolitics Podcast & Dispensary 33 comes a radical new spinoff called The Cannabis Report, where we look at cannabis in a scholarly, scientific light. Our pilot episode features Eugene Monroe, former left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens and the FIRST NFL player to publicly advocate for lifting the leagues cannabis baEugene Monroe NFL Ravensn

We reviewed 2 scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles regarding the role of Cannabis in Opioid Addiction & Brain Injury in this episode. To learn more about these articles, be sure to read the paper we published to accompany this podcast here!

This episode of The Cannabis Report is brought to you by GTI. We will be reviewing their essential oils line towards the end of the show.


Richard Park Gaurav Dubey Renzo Mejia Crew Shot
 Your hosts for The Cannabis Report are (from left): Gaurav Dubey (Biolitics Podcast), Renzo Mejia (Dispensary 33) & Richard Park (Dispensary 33).

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