Biolitics Studio Session Episode 2: Elucidating Energy ft. Jeffrey Allen


Biolitics #StudioSession Episode 2: Elucidating Energy ft. Jeffrey Allen

Spirituality & Technology
What happens when you try to juxtapose spirituality with technology? Does it have the potential to bring us closer together? How about closer to ourselves? This episode of Biolitics #StudioSessions features spiritualist, energy healer & thought leader, Jeffrey Allen. He is the author of Duality Energy Training from Mind Valley Academy.

The term “energy” is thrown around a lot, but just how can it be applied to to our lives to manifest the reality we want? What role does it truly play in our lives? Being a scientist myself, I understand the skepticism that surrounds energy work and consequently spirituality. But as I mention in the episode, to me:

Science and Spirituality are simply two strands of a DNA Double Helix, each axiom and schema perfectly complementary to each other.

Energy Body Healing Jeffrey Allen Connection Unity Love Meditation TechnologyThe Journey
Jeffrey, having a strong scientific background through the scope of mathematics and computer science, shares with us his journey towards the spiritual and what got him there. Interestingly enough, his journey was inspired by paranormal experiences that he could not dismiss, despite his scientific background. To that effect, we discuss the significance of personal experience and how it can trump our prior universal beliefs. It is, after all, hard to argue with an experience that YOU yourself have had. Thus, Jeffrey’s goal is to give people these experiences so they can discover this new universal dimension on their own.

Health & Medicine
The relationship between western/allopathic medicine and energy healing are discussed as well. The term energy healing most definitely raises eyebrows in the medical community. However, a growing population of individuals are hopping on board this spiritual/energetic/holistic bandwagon when it comes to health and medicine. Is this necessarily beneficial? What Charka System Spirituality role does energy really play in our physical, mental and spiritual health? Jeffrey discusses the chakra system and the role of energy through various Eastern philosophies and schools of thought.

Energy manifests in several different ways in our universe. We discuss the manifestation of darkness and negativity in examples such as terrorism & violence and how they’re a symptom of energetic disconnect. It’s the perception of this societal and energetic disconnect experienced by the perpetrators of this violence that is the underlying issue, as stated by Jeffrey. Once we can understand we are all connected, then we can mitigate these disasters.

Join us on this exciting adventure into the exciting world of technology, spirituality and healing with Jeffrey Allen!

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  • Claudys
    2 years ago

    Jeffrey is an awesome, super cool teacher. I took his Duality /Energy Healing training early this year, and I keep using his techniques. Very effective. And that’s I, the pragmatic, talking!

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