Discovering Holistic Medicine

In the American medical industry, medicine is prescribed to treat the symptoms of a specific malady, but does not always take the patients other specific needs into account. This can lead to unnecessary side effects, including advancement of other health issues. Additionally, by focusing specifically on the symptoms of the malady, many times the main cause remains unaddressed. Can we design a more patient specific solution?

Holistic Medicine Takes a Different Approach

Biolitics Episode 3 will be a 2-part discussion with Dr. Jarred Mait, Founder & Chief Healing Officer of Pulse & Remedy on the integral role Holistic Medicine plays in our society today.

Doc Mait - Holistic Medicine specialist

Dr. Jerred Mait

In holistic medicine, all aspects of a persons need’s are taken into account, including the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. One of the key principles to holistic medicine is balance. In order to achieve optimal health, which is the ultimate goal of holistic medicine, one must live a balanced lifestyle that meets all of a persons needs. Holistic medicine focuses on the cause of the condition, rather than focusing on simply alleviating the symptoms.

Another key principle of holistic medicine is the belief that unconditional love is the ultimate healer.  A key regulator of this in our brains is oxytocin (see pubmed study here). It is thought that oxytocin and other hormones that produce these feelings of love also help us reach higher levels of consciousness thus offering higher dimensions of healing for patients.
When someone experiences a state of unconditional love, their bodies are flooded with hormones that produce wellness and longevity, while the stress hormones that cause aging are significantly reduced. Thus it is already becoming evident why the need for personalized medicine and a more holistic approach is necessary to treat the human in medicine today.
Common areas of holistic medicine span throughout Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Unani, among other various indigenous practices from around the world. Practices such as acupressure, acupuncture (there are some landmark clinical studies done on the efficacy of acupuncture) have shown great responses in patients.
We eagerly look forward to having Dr. Mait on the show with us and are very excited to hear his thoughts on these matters and more next week on Biolitics Episode 3: Hi-Fidelity Healing.

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