Brussels Bombings: A Multimedia Battlefield

Brussels Bombings: A Multimedia Battlefield

This is a Call to Action!


I saw the following video on Facebook of a Muslim man in Brussels, shortly following the attack. He was engaged in a peaceful demonstration with his hijab adorned as a blindfold and 2 big signs that read “I’m a Muslim, but I’m told I’M A TERRORIST” and “I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, HUG ME.” The video is quite powerful and very moving. I daresay even the coldest of hearts will find it a little riveting. We live in an age where social media, television, newspapers, radio, and so many other forms of media are constantly shaping and influencing the minds of the masses. This is no phenomenon to take lightly, but instead, one to monopolize upon and harness. I’m not the first to point out that countless organizations, factions and belief systems such as those of the Islamic State (ISIS) are already utilizing these tools to recruit the desperate and the lonely to their cause. By offering them compassion and understanding as bait, along with the promise of freedom from their suffering and vengeance for the injustice propagated against them, such organizations are able to prey on the weak. This is a problem ladies and gentleman. This is a call to action! Our reach can be greater than theirs if we work together to prevent bigotry and prejudice and work towards understanding differences and including people in societal and social circles by exercising tolerance.

From Idea to Social Media

Thank you to my dear friend, Trish Sheldon (Founder & Co-Director of GMO-Free Florida), for posting this beautiful video on Facebook. Below is a comment I posted on the developing thread that incited mIMG_2307e to publish this piece, the first piece in our BIOLITICS “Call to Action” section!

Trish Sheldon, I agree! Education is more powerful than a .45 caliber bullet or brick of C-4 if disseminated and distributed effectively, efficiently and credibly. An idea is so much more dangerous than a stick of dynamite. Capture their minds; win their hearts (like the Muslim in this video) that
is the ONLY way. Violence will only propagate MORE violence (source: the entire history of the human race). We have to appeal to people's higher intelligence and sense of compassion. Love is more powerful than hate. The light side will prevail but it's still a battle where we have to use all our resources--especially the media, to crush arrogance. That's how I feel when I sit on my laptop and work on Biolitics. I feel like that's MY weapon. Name calling, fighting, it just instantly incites the ego and will cause anyone to be naturally defensive and refuse to see reason. Has a salesperson ever made a sale by arguing or fighting his way to closing a deal? Come on now. You need to appeal to their emotion and reason. That's what makes us human. When we spend billions of dollars trying to win the pissing contest that is this never ending arms race In an effort to constantly produce the most deadly weapons possible, we are nothing more than advanced animals solving our problems by killing each other. It is how man acts at a primal level. Only difference is now we have technology. But when we transcend and attack through our ideas, persuasion, and inspiration, we actually use that thing in our skulls and our chests and we become human beings. And yes, I'm emphasizing the heart-mind connection because it exists (I know you're all about this Trish!) and we send out even more electrical energy from our hearts than our brains. There is intuition there and when we can juxtapose the two we can find true, genuine solutions to win this battle and ultimately win this

(Now, while this may be an op-ed “Call to Action” piece, as a scientist, I have to point out that this “heart-mind” connection definitely exists and if you want proof please Google: “Heart Mind Connection Pubmed” for a multitude of studies explaining this axis. Now apply the understanding that you’re not really “thinking” with your heart, but feeling with it. Whether you choose to view this more conceptually/metaphorically or not, the point here is that we need to act from a platform of compassio
n and acceptance, that which is embodied by or associated with heart energy.)


Good vs. Evil: A Dichotomous Dualism Permeating Physical Existence

If you’ve seen Star Wars, then this allegory of “light” and “dark” should make perfect sense. Whether you choose to believe in it or not, the fact is, that dichotomy of good and evil permeates existence with its infinite dualism. A different way of looking at the intentions and actions of human beings is by judging it’s egotistical vs. selfless nature. Using propaganda to further a selfish motive and seduce our troubled youth into being recruited for ISIS is, to me, inherently selfish, egotistical manipulation that furthers an agenda of violence. It instills fear to achieve their goals. However, using your media outlets to share messages of hope, love, compassion, and most of all, truth, is inherently “good” and “selfless” in nature. It is not rooted in the egotistical desires of power, domination and terror. But instead, rooted in benevolence, transparency and accuracy. Together, we are stronger than we are individually. In the words of Aristotle “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Execute Ideas...Not People!

photo-1444807016527-23eae0a4b246-2So what can you do? You can share this article to start. You can share that video. You can write blogs to further your own cause based on love and acceptance. You can post pictures that will make us smile and laugh. You can be like my good friend, mentor and former Biolitics special guest, Dr. Matthew Markert MD/PhD, and deploy with Global Outreach Doctors and SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) to Zaatari Refuge Camp in Amman, Jordan…yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy that really goes above and beyond to express and put into practice, his devotion to raising the consciousness and vibration of the human race. The truth is, we can all help in our own ways with our own talents and gifts if we just set that intention and try. That is all we have to do while being aware and present. This way, when the opportunities present themselves, we are ready to grab hold of them and push forward. Because the side of evil, fear, anger and violence will never back down. They will relentlessly fight for their cause and will not rest until their deluded utopia of a society is created with rivers of innocent blood and tears.

I am not standing up for any one demographic of people right now. Instead, I’m standing up for all of you and all of us. Muslims with Christians, Buddhists with Jews, Hindus with

Atheists, and Catholics with Agnostics…Hand in hand, we must unite on all fronts, because terrorism only preys on one thing: Ignorance. It is this fundamental flaw that plagues so much of society and allows for their organization to thrive with new recruits. Education and advocacy are the only ways we have at stopping this infection from spreading. But that is not possible without your help. As a collective, we are directly responsible to share this wisdom with others who desperately need it without even knowing they do.

Let us spread light where it was once thought there could be nothing else but darkness. Let us spread knowledge where it was once thought there could be nothing else but ignorance. Let us spread love where it was once thought there could be nothing else but pain. Together, we will prevail.

Stay informed. It is your right!


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