Biolitics Episode 4: Benefits & Barriers to Mindfulness in Medicine


Joining us in this episode is Dr. Matthew Markert, Research and Development Director (R & D Director) at somadome and Co-Medical Directorat Global Outreach Doctors. A resident neurologist, Dr. Markert has found the practice of Mindfulness, or being aware of every moment to the next of one’s own subjective conscious experience, to have practical medical value. But what barriers currently exist when trying to incorporate that into an allopathic neurological practice? Similar issues were brought up last week with Dr. Jarred Mait in BIOLITICS Episode 3 when assessing the role Holistic Medicine can play in an allopathic dominant medical system. We now  have concrete evidence of the physiological and psychological benefits that mindfulness can provide us with such as the improving of one’s cognition as a result of mindfulness meditation (Zeidan, 2010). But how are we going to implement this into modern medicine? And how “concrete” is it really? With the current stigma surrounding such types of holistic medicine and the challenge this potentially poses to the pharmaceutical industry, this is a topic that needs to be brought to light. Should the practice of mindfulness be advocated for and utilized more for patients? If yes, then why isn’t it? Like Medical Marijuna, is this going to be a patient-driven movement? We even go down some intriguing avenues like when we discuss Rakmachandran’s Box as a solution for phantom limb pain! All this and more on this weeks exciting episode of BIOLITICS: Science Humanized.


EDIT: Hey guys, this is Gaurav and I’m posting this just before going live with the interview. I wanted to really take the time out to thank Dr. Markert in all of this. He’s been nothing short of an amazing friend, colleague, guest, and mentor during the entire Biolitics process! He has a big heart and is an incredible doctor and I wish more doctors were like him! All of us at Biolitics thank you for being on and hope that your wisdom spreads far and wide throughout the airwaves!

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