Biolitics Episode 3: Undo the Poop Taboo ft. Open Biome

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

In this episode of Biolitics, we play upon the theme: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It features Alex Scheeler of Open Biome, a stool bank in Boston that is doing some really incredible, cutting-edge work.

Fecal Matter Transplant (FMT)

Alex Scheeler Open Biome FMT Fecal Matter Transplant

Alex Scheeler Open Biome

We discuss the phenomenon of Fecal Matter Transplants and how the rich floral diversity in healthy fecal samples is used to cure a potentially lethal G.I. infection: recurrent Clostridium Difficle (CDiff).CDiff is one of many bacterial populations and colonies in our gut that symbiotically work together to keep us healthy. However, when CDiff starts to grow into levels that exceed its proper proportions, it becomes toxin releasing and can result in a severe infection.

 However, the potential implications and benefits of FMT seem to go far, far beyond the scope of simply curing recurrent CDiff. The enteric nervous system in our gut is beginning to be associated with everything from emotions to immunology and of course our digestion!

We hope you enjoy this wild ride into the thriving communities of bacteria that help keep you healthy and gain an understanding of how FMT can be a life-saving treatment when these bacterial communities get out of hand.

Credits/Shout Outs:

Names That Spell Accumulation Strategies

This episode features amazing music by some amazing friends of mine. The band featured is called The Names That Spell and the song is Wangatang off the album Accumulation Strategies. For more far out music, visit

Shout out to our professional voice actor, Chris Palmieri in NYC who played the voice of our “super secret special guest”.

Shout out Matt Mercado of Sonic Palace Recording Studios for our funky new theme song, being a badass audio engineer and making my ideas come to life.

11223326_10154260901352881_6208425954568178230_nMore Credits & More Love:
Abedel Hamdan graphic arts/research guy!
Sara Nadler newest collaborator (title credits!)
Adrian Martinez co-host/photographer
Dominic Vita co-founder

This show is a culmination of a year’s worth of hard work by our entire team. I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s contribution and so excited to put this out for our listeners. It’s all about you guys. Stay informed. Stay connected.

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