Biolitics Episode 3: Discovering Health Pt. 1

Biolitics Episode 3: Discovering Health Part 1 ft. Dr. Jarred Mait, Founder and Chief Healing Officer at Pulse & Remedy. Also on this episode interviewing Dr. Mait with me, your host, Gaurav Dubey, is Adrian Martinez, the guest on our pilot episode and the newest member of Biolitics. This episode discusses Holistic Healthcare and its impact in the healthcare system today! Be sure to check out the most intriguing episode of Biolitics yet. Holistic Medicine means taking a more patient centric approach and is the emerging school of thought among modern practitioners, however, the roots of Holistic Medicine sink deep into the annals of history and Eastern Spirituality. We discuss all this and more in Biolitics Episode 3: Discovering Health. Thank you so much Dr. Jarred Mait for being on the show! It was a real honor and pleasure having you and you’re definitely one of the coolest doctors I’ve ever met!

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