The Biolitics of Bipolar Disorder

Gaurav Dubey (M.S.) Founder & Exec. Producer of Biolitics

Bipolar Disorder: The Double-Edged Sword
There lies a place deep within the troubled psyche of the beautifully ill mind that is home to a treasure all too common yet nearly impossible to obtain. It is a gift so valuable that with its power, both woman and man have utilized it to become some of the most renowned, remarkable and distinct personalities in human history. Many men, many brave men, travel to the farthest reaches of the Earth to acquire prosperity and fortune. But how many are courageous enough to fare the stormy seas of their sick, tragically diseased minds simply to see if they can conquer their insanity? How many are then able to use that very turbulence to spin the turbines of their own success? Many have tried, most have failed. When left at the mercy of their own true selves and in the absence of therapeutic/medical intervention, the mentally ill see little anything outside of a cruel and unusual curse that riddles their very existence. But then there are the relics…the iconic insanity of humanity embodied in their beautifully Bipolar beings…the ones who make it: Robin Williams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse, Winston Churchill, Kurt Cobain, and many others.


bipolar-disorder-cover_152391_1-2Fame & Misfortune: Is It Worth It?
Their names are time immemorial, their spirits immortalized in our hearts. Yet, reading through these names its hard not to wonder about the dark, insidious nature of this disease. Robin Williams committed suicide at the age of 63. Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at age 27. Kurt Cobain shot himself at age 27 as well. What was their success worth to them? What is it worth to you? Is that a list you want to join? In any case, this intriguing correlation between bipolar diagnoses among some of the most iconic people in our societies history is the subject of examination and analysis for this piece. I hope that by the end, the reader gains a more thorough understanding of this condition and an unbiased acceptance of bipolar disorder as a recognized medical condition. Furthermore, however, I implore the readers to ask themselves if a unique gift may indeed lie within the framework and chasms of this otherwise dark and treacherous disorder. It is only with a genuine and comprehensive understanding of this, at times, life-threatening illness, that we can better tailor our approach towards effective communication and treatment with such individuals in our society. Perhaps then we can design a standard of care that nurtures their special gifts and harnesses the advantages they possess while attenuating the adverse reactions and dangers of bipolar disorder. No novel gene targets have yet been identified and as such, first line therapies involve targeting their respective gene products, or proteins, by Mood Stabilizing agents. Further research is required if we are ever going to have a chance to discover a treatment that is beneficial for the growth of a bipolar or mentally ill patient instead of the stunting and silencing of them!




Stay Tuned for our Biolitics of Mental Health Section

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of Bipolar Disorder as a part of our new section & podcast segment on the Biolitics of Mental Health. From sociopolitical factors that affect Bipolar Disorder to the multidimensional scope of the variety treatments, we will take you on an unbiased, scientific and comprehensive journey through this dangerous brain disorder. From pharmaceutical drugs like Lithium to more abrasive treatment like ECT, we will examine the neurobiology of the disease and how it relates to the neuropharmacology of the drugs we use. We will even examine the more unorthodox approaches to treatment like alternative medicine. Mental illness is a powerful antagonist in our quest for happiness and health. As always, our weapon against the opposition is education and dissemination. Stay tuned and free your mind by learning all about its subtle nuances and personality. After all, it can be your best friend or your worst enemy…


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